Please note that if there were changes to the draw before the entry deadline and you did not send in a new entry or there are changes after the final entry deadline, it is the position of your ticks in the draw that count. e.g. if a seed pulls out before play starts and the next player in line to be seeded is moved into their place, your ticks won't follow that player, they will apply to the player who replaces him in his original part of the draw instead. If you think about it, it is impossible to do it any other way without potential ambiguity over who you have picked for some of the matches.

The only exception to this is when a R1 match ends up involving two players whose names were unknown at the time entries closed or who changed between the entry deadline and the time the match is played. In this case, everyone will be assumed to have ticked the correct pick for that R1 match, with any picks for the winner of that match to win later matches being changed to picks for the actual winner of that R1 match too if necessary. In slams, this is likely to apply only to matches between two lucky losers where both LL slots only become available after the start of play. In Masters events where qualifying does not finish until after the main draw starts, it may also apply to some Q v Q or Q v LL matches.


As stated on the main competitions page, the full results pages in their usual format may be delayed this time, though we will do our best to get some basic results up as quickly as possible. However, there is already a provisional list of pick %s up, which should help you to gauge which matches are the most important for you. For example:

1) If you pick the correct winner, the lower the pick % for that winner, the more other entrants you will overtake.

2) If you pick the wrong winner, the higher the pick % for the correct winner, the more other entrants will overtake you.

3) During R1, you can even find out the average score so far by adding up the R1 win percentages for the actual winners then dividing the total by 100 if you really want to! Similarly for R2, but multiplying the total by 2, etc.

Once the results pages are ready, the individual results table will replace this page.

Probably the best page to bookmark is the Competitions page, which will eventually have links to team and individual results pages, picks analyses, and so on.


During the hectic entry period, the BOTB twitter account will be updated with any useful info (e.g. any late player withdrawals that we happen to find out about, etc) and there will be brief updates during the tournament as well, so please feel free to follow us there if you want to be among the first to know!

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